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Biosafety Cabinet Compliance

We understand the critical importance of Biosafety Cabinets in your laboratory operations. Our comprehensive inspection services ensure that your Biosafety Cabinets are operating at peak performance, providing a safe environment for your valuable work. We specialize in various inspection types to meet your specific needs.

Our Solutions

Determination of Air Velocity and Uniformity of Clean Workstation

Proper air velocity is essential for a controlled environment within your Biosafety Cabinet. Our experts measure and optimize airflow to ensure your experiments are conducted under the right conditions.

Determination of
Light Intensity

Adequate lighting is essential for accurate work within the Biosafety Cabinet. We meticulously measure and calibrate the lighting to guarantee optimal working conditions.

Determination of
UV Light Intensity

UV-C light plays a vital role in sterilization within the cabinet. Our experts assess and validate UV light intensity to ensure it meets safety and efficiency standards.

Determination of
Sound Level

HEPA filters are a critical component of Biosafety Cabinets, and their integrity is vital for contamination control. We conduct rigorous tests to ensure that your HEPA filter installations meet industry standards.

Determination of
HEPA Filter Installation​

HEPA filters are critical for contamination control. We rigorously test and validate the integrity of your HEPA filter installations to meet industry standards.​

Our Approach

Contact us to schedule an inspection at your convenience.

Our certified technicians will visit your facility and perform a thorough inspection using advanced equipment.

You’ll receive a detailed report outlining the findings and any necessary recommendations for improvement.

If needed, we can provide maintenance and repair services to bring your Biosafety Cabinet up to standard.

Why Choose Us?

Our team consists of certified professionals with extensive experience in Biosafety Cabinet inspections.

We use precision instruments to ensure accurate measurements and assessments.

We adhere to all industry standards and guidelines.

Our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

We understand the importance of your research, so we aim for swift inspections and minimal disruption.

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Our network of quality inspectors and metrologists will assist you with your requirements and provide the solution you need.