Complying To Regulations

Inspection is the conformity assessment either based on defined or general requirements. Products, machines, devices, processes or installations of equipment can be inspected. Inspection aims at demonstrating the safety and functionality of the inspected item. Typical examples of inspected items include lifts, various pressure vessels, measuring devices or systems. The inspection can be performed when the machine, device or equipment is being commissioned, periodic verification of functionality and safety or in connection with amendments from the specifications.

MCS Inspection Service

Biological Safety
Cabinet Test

Biological Safety Cabinet (BSCs) are used by laboratories for the research of different biohazard agents. They're designed to protect you, your laboratory as well as your surrounding environment from harmful exposure to these biological agents

Drainage Integrity Test

MCS surveys are used to investigate problems and identify solutions to structural and maintenance problems in sewers, drains and culverts. Before considering any repair or remedial solution, it is vital to have as much knowledge as possible about the existing system pipe. The major part of this investigation generally takes the form of a CCTV survey.

Environmental Inspection

Our environment plays a greater role in our business that is why our government mandate every business to protect it. Minimizing environmental impact or reducing carbon footprints should be included in the agenda of different industries. But how will you going to do it?

Flue Gas Analysis

Inefficient combustion system consume more fuel, and the more fuel consume the higher operating cost will arise and emit toxic gases such as CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), CO (Carbon Monoxide), NOx (Nitrogen Oxide), SOx (Sulfur Oxide) that will harm your workers.

Hydrostatic Test

Unknown leakage in pipelines, gas cylinders and fuel tanks is a waste of money and resources.

Load Testing

Knowing the maximum and minimum load capacity is very important especially to aviation, marine and other industries that weight matters to them.

Temperature and Humidity Mapping

Some of walk-in chillers, laboratories even warehouse requires to maintain a certain temperature to protect from micro-bacterial organism or pathogens especially to those who are engage in food handling or food industry.

Work Environment Measurement

A worker who is exposed in different hazardous chemical in workplace may affect the productivity and effectiveness in work. Failure in complying government regulations in terms of a safe working environment may cause not only legal penalties but also risking employees and assets in danger.

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