How will you protect your workers from toxic gas
substance in there working environment?

According to World Health Organization (WHO), the most vulnerable internal organ to infection and injury from the external environment is the human lung. Due to constant exposure to particles, chemicals and infectious organisms in the ambient air.

A person who is exposed in high level of toxic gases such as Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Cynogen, Hydrogen Cyanide, Nitrogen Dioxide and many more might get chronic diseases like asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and worst it might trigger the cancer cells in the lungs.

No one wants to compromised the health of our workers. But how will you prevent your workers from being exposed to high level of toxic gases in there workplace?

In production area, industrial machines produced high volume of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and sometimes there are leakages in the gas pipeline containing Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, argon , Hydrogen, helium and acetylene. Causing our workers to be exposed in different high level of gases.

Proper ventilation is one way to ease the problem but for safety system, you need to determine and analyse the gases present in the production area to come up with a long term solution to prevent your people exposed in to it.

Having an instrument in your production or workplace that detects gases presence in the area like Gas Detector or Gas Analyzer, gives particular information you needed.

How assure that your Gas Detector gives you an accurate and reliable data?

Truenorthaum Calibration Gas


For over 40 years, Calgaz deliver an exceptional and reliable standard and special gas mixtures, pure gases, reactive binary mixtures in small lightweight cylinders.

Metrologie Concepts Solutions partnered with Calgaz to deliver an accurate and reliable Gas detection or Gas Analyzer Inspection and to achieve the client's goal of a safe and toxic gas free working environment for the employee.


The Environmental Monitoring continues to be an important regulatory mandate affecting almost every industry in order to protect everyone from hazardous materials, or being exposed to high level of toxic gases.

Metrologie Concepts Solutions with Calgaz partnered to addresses the needs of continuous emission monitoring, mobile emissions monitoring, and ambient monitoring.

With our partner, we ensure that monitoring is precise and reliable to meet customers demanding requirements associated with environmental compliance and control.

We serve among the key Environmental segments are the following:

Stationary Source Emissions Monitoring

Mobile Sources